“Where is the door?”

Most posts have been about interior spaces in the Elizabeth Murphy House. The days are warming, so soon we’ll turn our attention to the outside. What are we planning?

This is the original marketing drawing of Frank Lloyd Wright’s American System-Built House A203 design:


Notable features include long lines, fine trim, and an intentional tension: “where is the door?” 

Here is how we found the home last fall.


Come Spring, we’ll be making investments in walks, rails, paint, lighting, and glass. We can imagine something like this:


Some of the keys:

  • We are exploring period colors and looking to other homes for cues. We’ve not decided yet.
  • We will remake the lines: the trim, proportions and details where they were lost.
  • We will deemphasize the garage, which was added in the 70s.
  • We’ll minimize entry confusion by removing the west steps. The door is on the east side.

Many decisions. Much anticipation. Appreciate your feedback.

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