That odd room with rock walls

It was a sleeping porch originally; a rectangular open air space under the hip roof but separated from the main living area by art glass windows and a heavy birch front door. The intent was to have a place to sit or sleep outside while still being mostly inside. Sometime in the 60s someone added windows and a new front door and turned it into a den. Floors were covered with thick carpet and wood parquet.

The pebble-dash stucco that was once on the exterior of the house is still on the interior walls and ceiling of the sleeping porch, perhaps because it had been protected from wear and tear. The dated floors, low light, and the gray walls conspired to make the room seem more cavelike and quirky than airy and woodsy. At first, we didn’t know what to make of the space.

So on moving day, we tasked a team to pull up the carpet and tile and found a perfect, glorious tongue-and-groove cypress floor with the original olive paint intact. With a color-matched fresh coat and some indirect lighting, the spirit of the room is renewed.

There is no wondering what FLW was thinking. It is like reclining on the patio of a north woods cottage watching the stars twinkle overhead.

8 thoughts on “That odd room with rock walls

  1. Any thoughts to restore the porch to its original condition? I toured the house with the FLW Building Conservancy right after the news was announced about this being a true Wright house. Really nice!

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