A sneak peak into Frank Lloyd Wright’s Forgotten House

Here is a teaser – the first 45 seconds of our fly-through tour scheduled to air tomorrow during our Zoom conversation with Taliesin’s Catherine (Cate) Boldt about Frank Lloyd Wright’s Forgotten Elizabeth Murphy House in Shorewood, Wisconsin.

Thanks to the Shorewood Historical Society and the Shorewood Public Library for sponsoring our May 17, 2020 Virtual Tour and Presentation and to Boswell Book Company for hosting.

Update: this event was recorded and will be posted to Boswell’s Book Company’s website later this week. When it is, we will update you here and provide a link. And here, folks, is the link to the complete presentation and tour.

Hope to see you there!

About this blog: The Elizabeth Murphy House is a 103 year-old American System-Built Home and the protagonist in the book “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Forgotten HouseWhat are readers saying?

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