It’s been some time. We’re still here.

Hello again Wright-o-files and friends and fans of organic architecture. It’s been a while since we’ve shared new information here. But stewardship never pauses.

A quick update and explanation:

We are as active in preservation and celebration of Wright’s genius as ever. In the last year, we’ve taken the story of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Forgotten Elizabeth Murphy House to groups such as OSHER – the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Education, the North Shore School for Seniors, and Historic Milwaukee.

In fact, we didn’t go anywhere, but social media failed us. Surprise.

Our ability to share progress and keep you informed was setback when Meta – the company that owns Facebook and Instagram – erased us. We had followers from around the globe (you may have been one) enjoying weekly posts and pictures when a hacker hacked and caused the algorithms to shut down everything – even personal accounts. We wasted months attempting to find a human at Meta to support, but learned, instead, that users needing help will be forever ignored. So alas, our social media story vaporized and has not be rebuilt.

Our recommendation to you: Do not connect your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts to a single user.

But the story of the Elizabeth Murphy House lives.

I’m excited to report that 4th graders from Shorewood’s Atwater Elementary have resumed the tradition of field tripping here as part of their Art studies. And we’re working with local Wright groups in future tours and events that we will share here.

In the meantime, if you have questions about the house, or about what it’s like to care for and live in a house designed by Wright, feel free to comment or ask a question here.

-Nick and Angela

One thought on “It’s been some time. We’re still here.

  1. Was wondering what happened to one of my most favorite Instagram accounts. Thanks guys – just so you know all your work is very much appreciated. We can feel your passion in every post.

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