Sunday Morning Forum (April 5th): Join the Hayeses on a virtual (Zoom) tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home for the People.

Since CoVid-19 has made it impossible to attend a First Church Sunday Morning Forum in body, let’s get together in spirit and look at the work of one of our own.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unitarian-Universalist roots anchored his art. He saw God in nature and spirit in space. In fact, Wright was on a lifelong humanist quest to create affordable but elegant homes for the working class. He called it his most difficult design challenge. Some smaller Usonian homes are the most famous examples of this work, but earlier in his career, he created a system of construction to produce minimalist cottages and flats in the Prairie Style that he hoped would beautify American cities.

First Church members Nicholas and Angela Hayes became stewards of the tiny, recently-rediscovered century-old Elizabeth Murphy House in Shorewood, the last of Wright’s ill-fated American System-Built Homes.

The Hayeses will take you on a live-streaming virtual tour on Sunday morning April 5th, starting at 10:10, using Zoom (it would be a good idea to log in 10 minutes in advance to check your connection.)

Look in your church e-newsletter for the link.

(This event is for members of the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, but may be recorded or repeated for folks interested in a similar experience.)




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